RBR Enchanted Calendar 2018: October

Some would say old-fashioned – we say this charming, elegant old cottage garden flower with gorgeous bold sky-blue blossoms and intense green stems shouldn’t be missed among annual garden plants.


The misty, threadlike foliage - like a nest for the solitary blue flowers - give NIGELLA its romantic name 'Love-in-a-Mist'. In Victorian language it meant ‘kiss me’. The fennel-like, ferny leaves and stems are of a wonderful green while looking very fragile. Her name NIGELLA comes from the Latin word ‘niger’ that refers to the deep black. Rubbing the seeds releases with their essential oil an enticing scent of strawberry jam.

Let the intense blue and green shades inspire you on your working table. Print our new calendar motive or download the e-format for your mobile device.

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Landscape format

For your desktop, tablet – high resolution suitable for print (best results on heavy matt paper)


Smartphone wallpaper

Various wallpapers for tablets (or desktop, or print)


Full version or minimalistic for desktops with apps galore



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